Doin’ Me


How many scattered pieces of Oneself exists within?
What will it take to piece them together?  
Does THIS Journey ever End?  
Does one’s ‘Experienced Dreams and Mazes’ reveal Answers?  
Is Awakeness really Awareness?  
And, does NEWNESS really hold Promises of Gifts, yet Unrealized?  
Is the Misery of NOT KNOWING a GIFT?  
Ah, . .  the Wonders of Wondering!!!

Big River


I had a chance to visit my Birth Mother and Birth Father’s graves, for the First Time.  Both graves were near the Ohio River; one in Lawrenceburg, Indiana; the other was in Cincinnati, Ohio.  
I had some deep thoughts and questions, as I stood there feeling waves of surreal emotional energies.  I never knew either Birth Parent.
I was taken from my Birth Mother, when I was a few weeks old, by my illiterate, violent, nomadic alcoholic Birth Father.  He was of the Cherokee-Blackfoot People; she was of the Cherokee Nation.  
In the 1940’s, they found each other and began their Life of Shared Misery.  Starting in the Ohio River Valley, they walked, hitchhiked, drank and begged churches for handouts all the way from Ohio, Indiana to California and back again, many times.  
He died at age 35 from alcoholism; she was murdered the next year, at the hands of a drunk who accused her of drinking his morning stash.  
Their ways horribly touched their Nine children, four of which are dead from creating the same lifestyle for them selves.  There are MORE Questions, than Answers, as the Years wash away their very existence.


Minds On Fire (Arthur H. Van Slyke, Jr.)

Life Lessons

Have you ever wanted to RE-Build a Love that you Lost?  Do the memories return, even when you try to keep them away?  Does Your Mind refuse to quit ‘looking back,’ until you’ve learned  what you’ve NEEDED to Learn?  Welcome to LIFE, my Friend.  The Poets, Writers and Song Writers, throughout the Centuries, have always had ‘Something’ to Write about.